Difference Between Genuine Porsche Parts and Aftermarket Parts


A Porsche is a mechanical marvel, a fine-tuned machine that is designed to run seamlessly. Part of this flawless design, however, relies on owners using only genuine Porsche parts in their vehicles. Aftermarket parts can be very tempting to buy for your Porsche because they are cheaper. They can end up costing you a lot more in the end, though, as they are not held to the same quality standards that genuine Porsche parts are held to. The resilience and craftsmanship of aftermarket parts are nowhere near the caliber of genuine parts that you should be using in your vehicle.

The Advantages of Genuine Porsche Parts

Every part, down to the tiniest washer, is engineered by Porsche to fit perfectly and to help your Porsche achieve maximum performance and reliability. Aftermarket parts are often made for a one-size-fits-all approach and don’t fit with the same precision and functional perfection as genuine parts.

Genuine Porsche parts are explicitly designed for you Porsche. Better fit and better matching within the car’s components will lead to a much longer life for your car and its parts.

By choosing to only use genuine Porsche parts in your car, you are protecting your investment. If you have only certified Porsche technicians install genuine Porsche parts, your vehicle will continue to hold all of its resale value. If the service records show that your vehicle was serviced or repaired using non-certified technicians and aftermarket parts, your Porsche’s resale value will be diminished.

In addition to being the wise choice among parts, genuine Porsche parts are guaranteed by a limited 2-year warranty.

Don’t Take Chances

Repairs, services and any accessories are part of owning any vehicle. Make the choice to use genuine Porsche parts instead of aftermarket parts. You’ll be ensuring that your Porsche will last a lot longer, perform better and continue to deliver a thrilling driving experience for years to come. After you buy your next new or used Porsche for sale in Philadelphia, trust only the qualified techs to work on it.

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