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  • Michael H.
    Dealer Principal

    Being in the automotive industry for over 45 years and immersing myself with Porsche since 1981 has been a true pleasure. Participating in an evolution of such a prestigious brand has been an honor since day one. I look forward to the future to see what great things Porsche will bring to the automotive industry.

  • Amanda H.
    General Manager

    I have been purely passionate about Porsche ever since I was young. Being a departmental part of this family owned dealership makes me feel like I am at home. Starting in the Service Department in 2004, I have great memories of establishing myself with in the Porsche community and the introduction of great cars like the Carrera GT. Currently working as the General Manager since 2007 has been a dream of mine that has become a reality. I look forward to welcoming you into our dealership.

  • George C.
    CBA Sales Consultant
    Certified Brand Ambassador Sales Consultant
    856-665-5370, Ext. 2217

    I can remember the first time laying eyes on a Porsche as a young enthusiast, the unmistakable mystique, sound, design and aurora left an impression on me like nothing I've ever encountered.  Since then my passion for Porsche has grown so much its part of my DNA, and it gives me joy to share the experience with the few who are equally afforded the opportunity to indulge into the world's premiere sports car manufacturer. My experience in the automotive industry dates back to my teenage years and you will be hard pressed to find another Ambassador who is as passionate about providing an exceptional experience while looking to build long lasting relationships with new and existing clientele.

  • Kyle D.
    CBA Sales Consultant
    Certified Brand Ambassador Sales Consultant
    856.665.5370, Ext. 1250

  • Jackie R.
    CBA Sales Consultant
    Certified Brand Ambassador Sales Consultant
    856.665.5370, ext.2276


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