Porsche of Cherry Hill Service


We have high standards. As you do.

You want something special. That's why you drive a  and why you deserve equally special service. Precise, professional, dynamic, and above all: tailored to your exact requirements. Typically Porsche.

Find out what work needs to be carried out on your vehicle and why, from your Service Advisor. Using a check list, they explain the work required and write it down. This gives you the opportunity to discuss the nature and extent of the work directly with us, along with the price, possible repair alternatives, repair times and recommendations. And of course, they're also available to deal with other issues and options regarding your Porsche.

Our factory trained and Porsche certified service team experts are always ready to help you. You can book a service appointment online or call us at 856-665-5370 and one of our Porsche service advisors will be happy to help you set up your appointment.

Porsche Technicians graduate from the toughest automotive school on Earth

Porsche technicians are trained at dedicated Porsche technical centers, where they develop unrivaled expertise in all aspects of maintaining and servicing Porsche vehicles. The training courses are detailed and very demanding - only the best technicians are graduated and then certified. It's worth noting that only technicians from Porsche dealerships can participate in this official Porsche training. And only a Porsche dealer has the complete set of specialized Porsche tools and computerized test equipment needed for the best, most accurate repair and maintenance. 


  • Monday - Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday - Sunday Closed
  • Service: 856-665-5370


  • Monday - Friday 7:30am - 5:00pm
  • Saturday - Sunday Closed
  • Parts: 856-665-5370
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